Training Information & Pathway Services and Career Advice

Are you interested in working in a particular field and do not know where to start?

TIPS is a free Training Information Pathway Service and Career Advice (TIPS-ACA) to guide you in the right direction for your particular field of interest. TIPS-ACA team members are available to help you establish where you want to go and create a Career Action.
We can help assist with understanding labour markets and resume writing. Plan to help you with the following:
• Gaining employment.
• Undertaking study that leads to employment.
• Volunteer in your area of interest.
• Understand labour markets.
Who is it?
TIPS-ACA is funded by Adult Community and Further Education (ACFE). PNC has formed a partnership with Federation Training and together they can assist you to transition from pre-accredited training to accredited training or employment.

To Register please contact our team at the Paynesville Neighbourhood Centre on 03 5156 0214 or Email




Pictured: Gayle Tierney MP, Minister for Training and Skills, and Karen Fleischer, Manager, Paynesville Neighbourhood Centre.