Empowering Women 2019


The motto for this course is “Yes, I Can”. It is full of fun and new experiences for women who want to discover and explore their potential. This course is open to all women.

Do you want to:
• Become a happier, stronger person?
• Be more self-confident?
• Know how to set goals?
• Learn in a relaxed, friendly, and supportive environment?
• Improve your skills and explore your potential? • Find a job or return to study, but you don’t know where to start?

Participants will:
• Explore the art of self-expression
• Build new strengths and talents
• Become aware of new possibilities in life
• Practise assertiveness and clear communication
• Learn how to write a resume, find a job and develop workplace skills
• Learn basic computer skills, if needed; and much, much more!

The Empowering Women’s course is due to commence on the 21st of February and operate until the 30th of July 2019. Classes will be running weekly on a Thursday from 9:15 to 3.15pm (classes are not held during school holidays). 

Free enrolment and free childcare is available. Eligible participants may also qualify for free assistance with a range of other services.

For more details or to express an interest in attending the information session please contact PNC on (03) 5156 0214 or email info@pnc.vic.edu.au




Janine Browne

This is an important message for women wanting to make significant changes in their lives. Paynesville Neighbourhood Centre will be delivering the award winning, “Empowering Women Course” in Bairnsdale at Federation Training, 48 Main Street.

“Empowering Women” is an inspiration and motivational course for women of all ages. Whether you are new to the area, or a local looking to meet new people and try something new this course is for you.

During any time in your life, it is important to take good care of yourself, taking time to focus on your own self-care is essential for your wellbeing, The Empowering Womens’ course will show you ways you can improve your overall wellbeing, mind-set and motivation. With guest speakers, exciting content and passionate trainers this year is the time to “Live more, Love more, Laugh more”.

Women enrolled in the course in previous years have used this course as a stepping stone for a pathway to further training and others part-time or full-time employment. Feedback from participants include: “This course motivated me to change my life for the better. At first I was nervous and unsure about what to expect by the end of the course I had made great connections within the local community, new life-long friends and had motivation to make changes to my life for the better. I would tell anyone thinking about doing this course, to just do it for yourself as you are worth it.”
“I am now more confident and assertive. The wisdom and growth that I have developed have been priceless. I have helped myself and in turn my children”.

Another said that “we have all benefited immensely from the program – socially, emotionally and intellectually”. In addition, previous participants have either: secured paid/voluntary work; returned to study and subsequently found employment; and/or have become more active in their communities.

Janine Browne is a past participant. Her story includes the following:
I am really glad that I enrolled in Empowering Women. It was at a time in my life when I sat in a corner watching life go on around me. My life consisted of my kids, computer games, and housework (in that order). I was suffering from depression mainly through a lack of a social life. I had very little confidence in myself, and hardly any social skills. But, I did find the courage to attend an information session with a friend. This information session was for a course called “Increasing Women’s Options”. I thought to myself “Why not? Give it a go. What have I got to lose?”

I attended this course knowing for the first time in my life I was going to start showing people who I really was. I was going to stop being the person who was always doing things to please others, and being the person they wanted me to be.

In the space of less than a year, I learnt:
• To open up and be myself
• How to socialize and network
• How to write resumes and job applications
• I have a lot of skills which can help others
• To speak up for myself and be assertive
• I am an awesome person just how I am
• I have gained a lot more confidence in myself

While doing this course I also enrolled, finally, in Certificate One in Information Technology. I completed my Certificate within three months of enrolling and shortly afterwards completed Certificate Two. As well as completed the training courses, I now have a network of friends and gained paid employment

Trainer and mother of three, Melinda Spencer was a participant of this course in 2014, since then she has gone on to complete a Diploma in Community Services and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment through Federation Training and has facilitated courses at the Paynesville Neighbourhood Centre in 2017. “I’m really excited about this year’s Empowering Womens’ course. It is amazing the positive life changes this course can bring, this course changed my life four years ago.”

Previous participants will be the open day to talk about the significant lifelong changes that have benefited themselves and their whole family, from undertaking the course.

For more details or to express an interest about the Empowering Women course call (03) 5156 0214 or email info@pnc.vic.edu.au

Janine Richards

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